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Linky Goodness

An aggregation of five favorite links directly from the information superhighway.

Faster than light

Mashable lists five of the most common ways to get around that pesky speed of light limitation that science fiction books, TV, and movies have used and attempts to see how close to reality they are. I rather liked the animations used.

Star Wars is over (if you want it)

Austin Kleon has had a problem with Star Wars for a long time. As much as I like Kleon for his other stuff, this aspect of his personality is grating to me. I’m glad he finally decided to watch it again with his 8-year old. I still don’t agree with all of his takes, but I do think his thoughts about Marcia Lucas and bad parenting ring true.

Joe Biden wants to prove democracy works — before it’s too late

How refreshing. Isn’t it nice to have a President who actually wants to lead?

Writing Comedic Gold

A fun story about how a University of Illinois graduate became the lead writer on The Golden Girls. It’s a lovely little Q and A. I liked the bit about how it is when he runs into Betty White at the grocery store.

“I just want to be a kid. Please let me be a kid.”

Wil Wheaton has talked a lot about what it was like to be a child actor, especially when he wanted nothing to do with being a child actor. His parents were pretty awful people who forced him into auditions and coached him constantly. His story is heartbreaking.

From Me to You

My latest essays and stories on and in The Multiverse.

My 10 Favorite YouTube Creators

There’s some really great YouTube content out there. Here are my favorites.

Caught My Eye

Stuff around the web that made me pause, smile, or think.

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