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Fans’ Bad Behavior Isn’t New. The Outrage Over It Is.

It feels like this development is getting out of control. It probably isn’t all that different from the before-COVID times, but it feels that way. I think the player’s associations in all these sports are about to get some real consideration over the lack of consideration from a few deranged and dangerous fans.

The lost art of not having an opinion on everything

I think most people have an opinion on everything, it’s just that they mostly do not have an informed opinion. “I want to be clear: I do believe in the First Amendment. People should be legally allowed to speak their minds and state their feelings. However, like owning a firearm, raising a child, operating heavy machinery, or driving a car, we should understand that the privilege of doing so comes with great responsibility. Words can and do hurt others. Fake news and fake history is divisive and harmful.”

The 6 reasons Americans aren’t getting vaccinated

And all of them are unmitigatedly stupid. This line, “All of the reasons people provide for not getting vaccinated, from lack of access to conspiracy theories, share a common theme: A significant portion of Americans don’t believe the vaccines are worth the potential downsides.” is incorrect. It’s not that they don’t believe in their worth. They don’t cognitively understand their worth. They are literally too stupid to understand.

‘Indiana Jones 5’ To Begin Filming In The UK Next Week

All I care about is who is writing it. From what I can tell, Jonathan Kasdan (son of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” scribe Lawrence Kasdan) is going to be the credited writer. Just be a good story.

Wolfgang Van Halen shares a famous name. His music is his own.

I’m loving every song I’ve heard from Wolfie so far. Just amazing rock songs. I’m glad he’s doing his own thing. Love this passage: “My whole life, I’ve worked so hard to be my own musician, and even my dad would be like, ‘What are you doing?’ ” says Van Halen. ” ‘Do your own s---. Stop pretending to be me.’ That’s why I said no. Because I’m not my dad.”

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