“What is this place?”

The Weekly Click is a newsletter by Sean McDevitt (that’s me) that aims to serve up five or so links to interesting stories and whatnot from the information superhighway each week.

“What do you mean by interesting stories and whatnot?”

Mostly it means I’m going to post the stories I find interesting enough to highlight and/or topics I find the urge to provide commentary about. I’ll try really hard not to have it be all political or all pop culture.

“Are you going to flake after a year?”

No. I mean, maybe? Hopefully not. I have been known to abandon The Weekly Click. No, this time it’s going to stick.

“Just five stories?”

Well, five main links. I’ll probably add a few other links at the bottom. I’m still figuring this whole thing out.

“Shouldn’t you be writing something else instead of doing this?”

Yeah. I really need to write more long-form pieces. I’m trying to finish a novella that I thought was done, but wasn’t and now I’m all messed up on where my priorities should be. I didn’t even mention the novel and short story/essay collection.

Damn. I hope I don’t flake.