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Linky Goodness

An aggregation of five favorite links directly from the information superhighway.

Private Choices Have Public Consequences

David Roth writes with such skill that I’m always in awe of his output. His ability to get to the heart of the matter regarding vaccinations and “muh freedoms” people is perfectly rendered behind the lens of professional baseball players.

Internet K-Hole

Here we have a vast amount of very amateur snapshots taken from the mid-1970s to mid-1990s, with absolutely no other context provided or needed. Mostly a whole bunch of people I've never seen before... but if I scroll long enough—hours maybe—I will see an image of myself somewhere, I am sure of it. NSFW warning: a minute amount of lite smut compared to the gargantuan size of the collection; however, the second picture in the latest post happens to be of a butt. The one after that is Lemmy in a hotel room. Then comes the panoply of randos.

Justice League Screenwriter Chris Terrio Is Super Pissed Off

Terrio has, obviously, been stewing in his anger. The guy won an Oscar and all his DC films have been viewed poorly over the years. The stuff about the title of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just screams so much dumb studio interference. When you have the wrong people in charge, bad things happen.

Why the new Space Jam trailer is so gross

Emily VanDerWerff gets all weirded out by movies mashing up intellectual properties for fun and profit. I do not understand why she feels that way. Including these “easter eggs” is fun. It was fun in Ready Player One and Ralph Breaks the Internet. She says these types of movies “…exist solely to show off all of the movies and TV shows owned by the corporation producing them, and frequently cheapen the story in the name of cramming in more cameos.” You have no idea if the story is cheapened because you haven’t seen the movie. Besides, I highly doubt a cameo is going to make or break any movie. Cross-promotion has been around forever. Sure, The Clockwork Orange cameos are oft putting, but I don't think that it's anything more than the animators having lots of fun filling in the crowd scenes. Stop getting your panties in a twist and have fun.

The Rise and Rise of Amanda Gorman

What an incredible story. What a profile. She’s going places far and wide. What a singular talent. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

From Me to You

My latest essays and stories on fightingillini.com and in The Multiverse.

My Ten Favorite Science Fiction Movies of the Last Ten Years

I just created a weekend movie marathon. Hope you enjoy.

Caught My Eye

Stuff around the web that made me pause, smile, or think.

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